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Collateral -- You have only a few second to grab your customer’s attention and even less to make the sale. Roberts Resource helps make every second count with marketing materials that entice, promote, and sell your products and/or services.

Social Media Strategy and Implementation -- Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Klout? Yes, we know about those social media entities and a few others.
Chances are if your company is thinking about social media you should have already been in it; committed. Let our social media arm of the company, headed by Julia Roberts, create a strategy and implement it for you. Need a blog? Let us help. Need to Tweet? We do that too. You’d be surprised about how many voices we’ve developed online for organizations. Let us help you navigate social media; the right way.
Website Development and Implementation
-- We can recommend and implement modifications to your web site or design from scratch. The visitors want your site to be easy to navigate, and technically efficient. We’re happy to work with in-house teams (healthcare privacy laws) or implement the sites. We love to help you solve a problem with a solution that is appropriate for your business and your market. Our teams are up-to-date on the latest technology, which makes meeting your online objectives easier.
Direct Mail Services
-- Reaching your target audience and ensuring a buy-in requires direct mail that’s targeted, appropriate, and effective. Roberts Resource can help you develop a campaign — from concept to fulfillment — that finds the right customers, captures their attention, and delivers sales.
Corporate Identity -- A well-developed corporate identity is an investment in your future that you can’t afford to ignore. Roberts Resource can help you develop marketing strategies, design logos and brand identity, as well as select and utilize various communication media to build recognition and loyalty with customers.
Print Media Advertising
-- You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but you won’t make money if your target market doesn’t know you exist. Roberts Resource can help you select the right markets, develop the right creative, and place the right media to draw the right attention.
Public Relations -- You have a message, a target audience, and millions of available media avenues. Now is not the time to throw a press release against the wall and see what sticks. Whether you're a relative newcomer or a seasoned player, Roberts Resource has the contacts, ability, and experience to get -- and keep -- your name and message "out there."
Specialty Fulfillment Services
-- Many a marketing campaign has been won — or lost — in the execution. Roberts Resource can help you deliver the goods — whether by hand, by piece, or by specialty — quickly, easily, and effectively with customized solutions that fulfill your expectations.
Strategic Planning and Research -- Combating the challenges of increasing message clutter, growing competition, and shrinking budgets requires a marketing battle plan built on facts, knowledge, and experience. Roberts Resource can help you review current programs, develop today’s strategies, and implement tomorrow’s solutions to keep your marketing fresh, on target, and highly effective.
External Printing and Production Audits
-- Lots of time and even more money is wasted on uninformed choices, last-minute selections, and “we’ve-always-done-it-this-way” decisions. Roberts Resource can help you review your external printing and production methods and costs to ensure you’re getting the best price and best quality possible.
Exhibit, Tradeshow and Event Planning -- Effective exhibits, tradeshows, and corporate events require more than exotic locales, clever themes, and cute giveaways. Roberts Resource can help you develop a creative, cost-efficient, and — most of all — memorable occasion that’s tailored to your organization, budget, and business objective.